Van Diego

Always stoked when something pops up with Shawn Shimkets’ yard in it! He recently had a van load of dudes show up to ride his backyard paradise, and you can check out just what went down by skipping on through the park and street stuff to the 10:00 mark.

A Quick Run Through Blaine’s

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen anything from Blaine’s house. I’m glad to see that the place is still running, and this POV of Blaine chasing Shawn Shimkets through the left line has me wanting to get on planning a trip to visit my friends in Southern California.

Shawn’s Yard POV

Ah, the little slice of BMX heaven that Shawn Shimkets calls his backyard! Take some runs through it with the man himself before his GoPro shit the bed.

Deluxe – Southern California Trails Trip 2015

Before I dive into this any further I have to bring up that Roth shot and edited this with his iPhone. This is definitely not the result I was expecting when he first told me about the video a few weeks back. All I can say is that it’s fucking nuts what something you carry… Continue reading Deluxe – Southern California Trails Trip 2015


Long time 22″ wheel proponent Shawn Shimkets and recent convert Adam Watkins have jumped into the 22″ market with a new company fittingly dubbed Twenty2BMX. Also fitting is that their first products are two frames designed specifically for riders over 6′ tall. Made in the US by Pedal Driven Cycles, the “Sasquatch” features a 22.5″… Continue reading Twenty2BMX