Fit – 2018 TRL Complete Bike Promo

We’ll just go ahead and get all the complete bike promos out of the way. Here’s the one for Fit’s TRL that features Riley Jordan putting it through its paces at Sheep Hills. The real test would be how the paint job holds up to that toxic Sheep moon dirt!

Dylan Stark – S1 Lifer Helmet Promo

I got a chuckle out of this promo that Dylan Stark did for S1’s Lifer helmet. Mainly due to the mandatory pedaling and goggle use at Sheep, but also because of that Gucci & Offset song choice. “Dick in her mouth like an edible (dick in that).” Priceless!

Sheep Hills Under Water

You’ll recognize this if you caught the video on our Instagram of Sheep Hills all flooded out from the rains Southern California has been inundated with lately. This is the full four minute version of Mike Purks’ video that gives you even more of a look at the destruction. You know it’s a shit ton… Continue reading Sheep Hills Under Water

Boozer Jam 2016 Ryan Guettler brings us this first video look at last weekend’s Boozer Jam. The turnout was huge, with riders multiple generations of riders coming out to Sheep Hills to support Mike “Boozer” Brown. Hopefully the HD version of the video won’t be as jumpy for you as it was for me. I just about… Continue reading Boozer Jam 2016