The Shire

Skye Schillhammer decided the Shire Trails would be a perfect place to test out his new Sony a7sII camera. The testing went well, if I do say so myself. Can’t wait to see what other edits come from that thing!

Shire Jam In The Raw

Dylan Bibbins bringing us a raw dog look at the festivities at last year’s jam at the Shire Trails. I can pretty much guarantee that after you watch this you’ll be thinking about ways to get yourself there for the next one! Just make sure you check your head tubes first if you do go…

Shire Jam 2016

It’s about time that we got an edit from The Shire Jam! As expected, it looks like it was nothing but good times that ran all the way into the night. If watching this doesn’t make you want to be there next year, there’s something wrong with you and you may want to find a… Continue reading Shire Jam 2016

Reminder: Shire Trail Jam 2016

If you have the means of getting yourself to Bellingham, Washington this weekend DO IT because the two day Shire Trails Jam will be poppin’ off!

Scott Scamehorn 2016

Scott Scamehorn’s new edit starts off with him crushing some NW concrete and a few ramps before getting into some Shire Trails action at the 01:43 mark!

Shire Trail Jam 2016

Here’s your official notice for the two day Shire Trail Jam that will be going down July 16 and 17th up in Bellingham, Washington. You have almost two and a half months to make arrangements to be there, and I highly suggest you get on making them! Have a look at a video from last… Continue reading Shire Trail Jam 2016

Life’s Hard Volume 3

I’m glad to see that Kyle Hirschkorn is back with another in the Life’s Hard series. It’s been a couple of years since the last one came out, but this one keeps the same tradition of featuring some kick ass riding from the NW. Jimmy F’n Levan even makes an appearance!