Shire Trails Jam 15

The Shire Trails are looking amazing! I absolutely love the rocks on the side of that one lip, and if you look close you can see a super dialed concreted berm in one of the shots. It looks like the jam brought out plenty of people, including John Donald and his drone. He’s getting pretty damn good with that thing!

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Shire Trail Jam Flyer

Shire Trail Jam

They’ve been jammin’ out in the Northwest lately! The Shire Trails in Bellingham, Washington will be getting in on the action on June 13th. All are invited and you’ll be in for a treat if you come out. They’ve been putting in some serious work and the trails are looking amazing. Take a peek at some photos of what they’ve been up to on the FB event page they have set up if you don’t believe me! You can also check out a video from last year’s jam after the jump.

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