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Shotgun Trails – Super Dave Bachelor Boy Blowout Jam

Now, this is my kind of bachelor party! The crew at the Shotgun Trails in Garner, North Carolina are throwing a jam this Saturday (11/5) to send their boy Super Dave off as he takes the plunge into married life. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come on out and spend the day celebrating what’s left of Dave’s freedom by riding some bikes in the woods. Hit up the Shotgun Trails FB page if you need directions.

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A Trio of Trails 2015

I’m psyched to see so many of my good buds shredding a trio of NC trails in this video that Jon Pfundstein put together (hopefully I waited long enough to post one of his videos this time)! LOL at Brandon Grimm trying to get into the record books for the world’s fastest Vander Roll at the beginning of this!

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NC Trails Trip 2015

Here’s yet another edit that came to be because someone got hurt on a trip. A crash at the Shotgun Trails forced Chris Bird to trade his bike for a camera for the remainder of the North Carolina trip that he was on with Brandon Grimm, Justin Kimmel and Ryan Yazzie. Bad for him, but good for us because we get a six minute NC trails edit due to his misfortune. Don’t worry about Chris though! He’s getting his cast off this week and will be back to shredding this weekend.

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Shotgun Trails Jam 2015

I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to make it down to the Shotgun Trails jam last weekend, especially now after seeing this edit from David Baker. The turnout was huge and the trails are looking better than ever! I also really can’t believe that I missed getting to see Brandon Grimm’s NBD go down! T-bog to Vanderoll is some real video game shit!

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Shotgun Trails Jam

Get yourself to North Carolina on October 17th and 18th for the Shotgun Trails Jam! Who knows, you may even see me there! You can keep up with all the info leading up to the jam via their FB Page.

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Goings On This Weekend

This is a big weekend as far as jams and events go! There’s the kick off of the Dig and Destroy series at Nick’s Trails in Pinole, CA, the Shotgun Trails in Garner, NC are having their Spring Jam, the Bogey Trails in the UK are having their Opening Jam, and last but not least is the 4th Street Trails Memorial Jam in Indiana. Get out and get amongst one of these! Full flyers after the jump. 

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