S&M Camo Wrapped Group

Looks like that fine looking camo wrapped Credence stem is going to have a couple of other little homies to go along with it. S&M is also camo wrapping their top cap and 30 tooth, 19mm spline-drive L7 sprocket as well.  So good!

Drawing Board – S&M and the Integrated Headset

The integrated headset is something that is easy to over look and under appreciate these days. Long gone are the days of whacking on your frame with a hammer trying to get headset cups to go in. The Merged is back with their "Drawing Board" series, and up this time is a look at how S&M helped usher in a new age of hammer free headset installation. Give it a read HERE.

Clint Reynolds Bike Check

New bike time for Clint Reynolds is a little different than new bike time for most people. Rather than starting with a new frame and going from there, Clint starts with the tubes to make a frame. He recently welded himself up a new C.C.R. and S&M put together this slideshow to show it off. I’m loving the DIY camo paint job!