Introducing The Speed Shop!

We’ve been working on this for a while but now it’s finally time to make an official announcement. The CYDI Store is now the CYDI Speed Shop! On top of it being the place to find the stuff we make, it’s also stocked with a curated selection parts to keep your bike dialed in, from… Continue reading Introducing The Speed Shop!

Jonny Mackellar – Welcome to S&M Bikes

What more can I say about Jonny that I haven’t said already? There’s nobody out there more BMX than he is, and nobody more deserving of a spot on the S&M squad than him. It should go without saying that Jonny slays it in his Welcome to S&M edit, but I can’t go without mentioning… Continue reading Jonny Mackellar – Welcome to S&M Bikes

Fit – 2018 MAC Signature Complete Bike Promo

A street rider sponsored by Fit riding dirt while decked out in full S&M race gear? A complete bike from Fit with graphics that pay homage to a classic frame from S&M? The boss man Chris Moeller letting someone steal his helmet and then roost him? This is interesting on all kinds of different levels!

Jonny Mackellar On S&M Bikes

Fuck yeah! Jonny Mackellar is now officially rocking the S&M Shield through Australia’s BMX International distro. I’m not going to lie, I always kind of thought Jonny was on S&M anyway. You’d really be hard pressed to find anyone who better embodies the brand’s image. Anyway, congrats to Jonny and to S&M!