Solid WASP R.I.P.

Well, the trails world is down one trails frame and BMX is down one American frame manufacturer. Rumors have been circulating about this for a few months now but Huff just recently made it official on the Solid site. Better snatch up a WASP frame now if you want one! “OK. So we moved from… Continue reading Solid WASP R.I.P.

Solid Frame Building Store

Solid is following in the footsteps of S&M by now offering parts for aspiring frame builders to make their creations with. On top of parts to build frames, they are also offering crank and handlebar parts as well. I’m really interested to see what people come up with now that there’s this new influx of… Continue reading Solid Frame Building Store

Solid Bikes Party/Trails Trip

Head over to the POW’s page for a ton of pics from the Solid Bikes Party/Trails trip that they went on. On or off the bike, these dudes know how to do it up properly!

Solid Bikes Stephan Perjanik Edit

Stephan had two years worth of footage sitting around so he decided to finally do something with it. The result is this new edit for Solid Bikes. The last half  is pretty much all trails with just a few street clips thrown in. Jump ahead to 01:09 to get right to it.