The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2015

I had no idea how much you guys liked this top 10 trails web edits thing until emails started pouring in over the last couple weeks asking if I was going to be doing it this year! Truth be told, I’ve been nibbling away at it since the beginning of the month but all the… Continue reading The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2015

Dan Closser – Solstice 2014

I was kind of bummed out after that last post. Thankfully this edit of Dan Closser flowing through Solstice arrived just in time to brighten up the ol’ mood. Any footage from Solstice is amazing, but seeing Dan ride there is just plain magical.

Solstice 2014

It’s always a good day when something new from Solstice pops up! It’s a great fucking day when it’s a whole five minutes of the crew out there ripping around the place. I could seriously ride that scrub roller all day long. I wouldn’t even care if there was anything before or after it.

Solstice October 2014

John Donald busted out his brand new Phantom drone and used it to shoot this edit from one of my favorite sets of trails to see, Solstice. These through the trees shots are just the ones I’ve been waiting to see from a drone!