SOUL – Canette Life Tour

While the majority of this video from SOUL’s Canette Life Tour consist of park and street stuff, there is about 30 seconds of serious trails shreddage towards the begining, (00:49). That berm to berm to berm line was definitely sick!

Justin Fouque

I saw this Justin Fouque edit from Soul posted around yesterday but it didn’t even occur to me that there might be some trails in it. Something told me to check it this morning and sure enough there’s a minute long section from Peynier and El Cable. 00:38 is where it kicks in!

Soul X Jeremy Muller Edit

Tricked you, clicking play on that isn’t going to get you anywhere. It’s just a screen shot since Jem’s new edit isn’t embeddable just yet. I definitely urge you to head over to Soul right now and watch it! It’s a doozy!

LPU Jam 2014

First off, Bibi makes an appearance in here. Second, the last clip very well may be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in a jam edit. What was dude thinking?! Spotted on Soul.

58 Trail Jam

The dirt at these trails reminds me of stuff we used to riding back in the day. It’s funny how times change! Back then you wouldn’t think twice if you found a potential spot for trails and this is the dirt it had. These days if you don’t hit clay you keep it moving. Via… Continue reading 58 Trail Jam