Standard Does Denver

This video from the Standard Crew’s trip from Iowa to Colorado is mostly park and street, BUT we do get around 40 seconds of dirt footage from two Colorado bike parks. Jump to the 01:17 mark to get right into it and watch Joey Cordova steez that whip!

Flashback: 1996 Standard Commercial

This twenty year old commercial that ran in The Shady Bunch is just one of the many reasons that Standard was the end all be all of BMX awesomeness in the mid-nineties! This recording of it playing on a tv is the only trace of it I could find on the web. Even as ghetto… Continue reading Flashback: 1996 Standard Commercial

2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

We as trail riders have a slight tendency to ride frames and parts a lot longer than we really should. It’s nothing for someone to show up in the woods still rocking a frame with an American bottom bracket and press fit headset, (Shawn Shoener, I’m looking in your direction). The thing about it is… Continue reading 2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

Insight: Standard Byke Co with Rick Moliterno

Kurt has been pumping out the content over on The Union! The latest being this Insight into the legendary the Standard Byke Co with none other than Rick Moliterno himself. Give it a watch and learn some of the history of Standard and how it has evolved into its current incarnation of in-house manufacturing.

Scanned: Robbie Morales’ Ride Issue 25 Cover

The other day while helping out at my parents house and I noticed the remnants of some BMX pictures that I used to have hanging on the walls. There’s actually still a poster of Brian Foster permanently fused to one of the walls due to a broken water pipe many years ago. Anyway, seeing those… Continue reading Scanned: Robbie Morales’ Ride Issue 25 Cover

New/Old Standard Trail Boss Colors

It doesn’t get much more trails than the Standard Trail Boss frame, and they have three classic colors in stock just in time for the start of trails season. Black, hemp, and coffee rejoin the line up and are available now!

Custom Standard 125R

Spotted this custom 125R that Standard did for Chris Williams over on Rick’s Facebook. That translucent teal over chrome paint job looks incredible! If it looks a bit long it’s because it is. That sucker has a 23″ top tube!