Comin’ Up Chi Trails 16

Matt Van Acker bringing us a look back on his trails adventures around the Chicago area last year. Every time I see something from there it reminds me that I really need to make it back out that way to check out the scene. I’m making it happen this year, so watch out Chicago, I’m… Continue reading Comin’ Up Chi Trails 16

A Couple, Two, Tree Trails

This look into the thriving Chicago area trails scene comes to us courtesy of our friend Matt Van Acker. All I know is that it’s been way too long since I’ve been to Chicago, and this very well may have provided the motivation I needed to get back out there!

Ketch Bikes Arizona

Here’s one that almost slipped through the cracks. Jump ahead to 02:13 to get straight to the dirt, dirt quarter that is. You’ll have to wait till 03:14 for Steve Schwartz and the rest of the Ketch krew to start kruising through the trails.