Brian Foster & Tom Dugan Do Malaga

Tom Dugan may get top billing on other sites, but not around here! Fit sent BRIAN, Tom, and Stew Johnson off to Malaga to meet up with Ruben and check out the abundant spots around the city he calls home. There’s a whole lot of park footage but luckily for us they hit up at trail jam and that crazy dirt quarter that Ruben built. I was totally down to watch those dudes flow around some parks, but you can jump ahead to 03:56 if you want to get straight to the jam and quarter.

Anthem II – Brian Foster Declassified

The weather has been kind of weird this week. It’s been a lot cooler than it has been and the air almost has an early Fall feel to it. That got me to thinking about how much I can’t wait for Fall to actually get here. That in turn got me to thinking about Anthem and then to the Declassified sections that came out before CYDI was around. Of course BF’s was the first that came to mind!