Sunday Storm Hubs & Rims

In the market for new wheels? Want something that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but is going to last? Well you’re in luck because Sunday has a new line of wheel products that tick both of those boxes. First up are the Storm front and cassette hubs. Both feature sealed bearings and 3/8″ chromoly axle bolts. The cassette features a sealed rhd 9t chromoly driver. Next up is the Thunder rim, which is a double wall rim capable of withstanding whatever you can dish out. Finally there’s the even more affordable Lightening rim, which is single walled and geared towards newer riders. Lets not forget about the Cornerstone rim strips they have to go along with everything. The Storm hubs, Lightening rims, and Cornerstone rim strips are available now. The Thunder rims will be available next week.

Sunday Cloud Pivotal Seat Available Now

Looking for something a little more comfortable in the seating department? Sunday’s new Cloud Pivotal Seat might be right up your alley. It features a super fat and comfy design that is perfect for those extended shit talking sessions on the roll in. They’re available now in your choice of Pachyderm Camo, Spiral Black, or Black/Banana Tearaway.

Sunday Black Magic Roosters

Sunday’s Rooster frame is now available in everyones favorite color. It’s not just black though, it’s black magic baby! If you’re not familiar with the Rooster already then head over to Sunday for all the specs.

Sunday Linear Zipline Brake Cable

Check out Sunday's new Linear Zipline cable. They didn't just pick a cable out of a catalog and slap their name on it like so many companies do these days. Rather they set out to make a strong and easy to use cable that's also more affordable. It comes in a length of 40" which is apparently spot on for a BMX bike, so there's no cutting required. It also retails for a third of the cost of most linear cables. Crazy stuff! Hit up Sunday's site for more info and to find out about the other tricks they had up their sleeves with the creation of the Linear Zipline.