New Shape Sprockets

Sylvain over at Shape Bicycles has gone and given their venerable sprocket design a bit of a facelift. They now feature two levels of machining for a more sophisticated look. No word yet on colors or sizes but what I can tell you is that you’ll have your choice of 19mm or 22mm bolt drive,… Continue reading New Shape Sprockets

Shape Bicycles Jam 2015

Footage from the annual Shape Bicycles Jam is just now making its way online even though the jam went down at the Run Trails way back in August. Better late than never, and at least it came with a Slayer soundtrack!

Sylvain Taro Bike Check

Sylvain Taro is a busy man. On top of doing his own thing with Shape, he also helps out with product design over at Deluxe. He’s currently riding one of their PA USA frames so they decided to put together a bike check to show off his latest setup. Check it out HERE!

Reminder: Shape Bicycles Jam @ The Run Trails

Sylvain is once again putting on the Shape Bicycles Jam at the Run Trails in Northern Brittany, France. September 21st is the date, and if you find yourself in the north-west of France at that time then I’d suggest checking it out. Have a look at the video from last year’s jam after the jump!

2013 Kill the Line Trophies

Shape was once again in charge of producing the trophies for Vans Kill the Line, and I have to say that Sylvain outdid himself with these things. I already can’t wait to see what he comes up with for next year!

New Shape Stem Spy Shot

Sylvain just sent through this spy shot of the new stem that Shape has in the works. No word on the specs or when it will be out, but I’ll post up all the info as soon as I find out .

Shape Bicycles UK Trail Trip

Sylvain from Shape just got back from a trip to the UK, and he brought back a bunch of rad pics like the one of Woodyard above. You can check them out along with a full trip recap over on LifeTrail.