Virginia Is For Trails

I’ll be the first to admit that I talk a fair amount of shit on our neighboring spot down south, the 495 Trails. Truth be told, I’m stoked that the place is still around. Back in my college days I used to set up my schedule so that I would have time to sneak out… Continue reading Virginia Is For Trails

1 Day, 2 Trails

Munir El Kadri gets in the double session at Brazil’s Horto and Jacaranda Trails.┬áIt’s always fun to hit up multiple trails in one day. I’m hoping we can get some days like that going around here. Fools just need to get their acts together (Taylor Hayek I’m looking in your direction).

“My Knee!!!!!!!!”

It happened again! Local trails etiquette expert and jump building aficionado Taylor Hayek has once again blown up his knee. This time it happened in the woods as opposed to the 180 off of a curb that did it in last time. Being the dedicated builder that he is, Taylor isn’t going to let a… Continue reading “My Knee!!!!!!!!”