Morrison Trails POV

I’ve been keeping up with the flooding at the Morrison Trails on Adam Baker’s Instagram and it’s been pretty gut wrenching. I can’t even imagine the feeling of watching my trails wash away like that. Here’s a video from better days. I really hope that there will be something left for them to salvage after all of this. You can see some pics of the flooding after the jump. (more…)

Red Bull Dreamline Photo Gallery By Ted Van Orman

I think everyone would agree that there has been a TON of coverage of this year's Red Bull Dreamline. I can honestly say that I'm good on seeing anymore video coverage until it airs on tv as part of Red Bull's Signature series. While I may have suffered from an overload of video, I'm not tired of seeing good photos from the event. The Union just dropped a gallery from Ted Van Orman and man did some of the shots in it make my jaw drop. The shot above of Matty Aquizap is my personal favorite! You can check out the rest of the photos in the gallery HERE.

Deluxe at The Wheel Mill

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s Summer and riding inside is the last thing on most people’s minds, but the Wheel Mill’s “Woods” jump room isn’t your normal indoor set up. It’s pretty much as close to trails as you’re going to get without actually being dirt. Some of the Deluxe team has been trippin’ around to different trails but they couldn’t resist making a stop through the Wheel Mill to check it out.