Ted Van Orman – SameThingDailyThree

I was just about to wrap things up for the night when this little gem popped up. This is Ted Van Orman’s section from the SameThingDailyThree DVD. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either! It’s a DVD from Dane Beardsley that happens to have this phenomenal section from Ted and apparently a section from… Continue reading Ted Van Orman – SameThingDailyThree

Vinyl’s Colorado Road Trip

Colorado, what can I say about it. I’ve been to a lot of places in my 33 years but nowhere that has had the same feel of freedom that Colorado has. Tom and the Vinyl dudes headed out there earlier this year and what a trip it must have been. Incredible parks and ripping trails… Continue reading Vinyl’s Colorado Road Trip

Exclusive Video: Welcome Jam 2013

The world known Potoczny Welcome Jam had a massive turn out this year. Every year the jam’s get bigger and bigger, my imagination can only wonder what next year will be like. Meaning we have to one up the video we just made. Results: Best Trick | Jeremy Ball, High Air | Tyler Valentik, High… Continue reading Exclusive Video: Welcome Jam 2013