Taj Mihelich’s Albion Interview

It's interviews like this that make me really regret never getting a subscription to The Albion. It's an incredibly in depth and personal look into the life of one of the biggest icons BMX has ever had (and probably will ever have). You should definitely take some time out of your day to give it a READ if you haven't already done so.

FBM And The Mid Bottom Bracket

The Albion just posted up an interesting interview with Steve Crandall about the origins of the mid bottom bracket. My favorite part of it is when he talks about the industry meeting that was held to try to establish one bottom bracket standard amongst manufacturers. I still remember when that went down. We ended up with two standards rather than just one, mid and spanish. I think the deal was that Fly wasn't willing to scrap their idea. All I know is that having two bottom bracket standards is way better than the road we were heading down back then. They only mention mid, spanish, and euro in the article, but believe me there were a lot more in the works. Probably closer to around 10. Just imagine the debacle that would have caused! Anyway hit up The Albion and check out the piece.

Dependables – Chris Doyle

Dependables is a new series that The Albion is doing where they ask riders about their five favorite products. The D-Man had the first crack at it and I agree with the majority of his choices. It's funny that he has his own pair of signature grips through Duo yet the Bohan grips are his favorite. I don't blame him though! Give it a read HERE