Bangers and Mash Jam

I was hoping there would be an edit from this year’s Bangers & Mash since I missed the livecast. Not only is there an edit, but there’s a Dylan Pfohl edit! It looks like this years jam was a damn good time for everyone who made it out. How could it not be with Rick… Continue reading Bangers and Mash Jam

TJ Ellis Bike Check

TJ gives you the breakdown on his Free Agent setup (not that you care about that). What matters is that there’s some rad footage of him roasting some SoCal dirt mixed amongst him talking about his ride.

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TJ Ellis: SoCal Dirt Bangers (Only A Vital Edit Would Have a Name Like This)

Ok this will officially fulfill my trick edit quota for the month! I have mad respect for TJ and all the trickery he can do, but under all those circus tricks you can see that dude has some serious style. I want to bring him out the East Coast for a few weeks, put some… Continue reading TJ Ellis: SoCal Dirt Bangers (Only A Vital Edit Would Have a Name Like This)

Private Dew Tour Dirt Session

This very well may be the first coverage of a Dew Tour that I’m actually into. They brought out some lights and let the riders loose on the course for a session that lasted into the night. Ride captured it all in this edit, and Keith also shot photos which you can see in the… Continue reading Private Dew Tour Dirt Session

Behind The Scenes At Dreamline With TJ Ellis

Dylan Pfohl followed TJ Ellis around Red Bull’s Dreamline and this video is the result. I have to say that out of all the Dreamline videos that I’ve seen so far, this is my favorite. I know this piece is on TJ but I think Hucker stole the show with his avoidance of certain death… Continue reading Behind The Scenes At Dreamline With TJ Ellis

Red Bull Dreamline Qualifiers

Here’s Red Bull’s coverage of the Dreamline qualifiers aka prelims or whatever else you want to call them. This is the one I wanted to post the other day but it wasn’t embeddable yet. So much gnarly stuff in this thing! Corey Bohan doing a 540 when he meant to do a 360 is at… Continue reading Red Bull Dreamline Qualifiers

TJ Ellis Deft Family Edit

I’m a fan of TJ Ellis so I was psyched to see that he had a new edit dropping for Deft Family. I actually wasn’t planning on posting it on here but the whip to no way in hell this is coming back bail out at 01:49 changed my mind.