Nathan Sykes – Hangin With Lavs

I’m playing a bit of catch up with these Hangin with Lavs today! Before it’s Nathan’s turn to get grilled by TJ, they along with Anthony Napolitan give Nasty some shit over the phone about his ridiculously oversized wallet that he somehow forgot in Vegas. I really wish they had picked the thing apart to… Continue reading Nathan Sykes – Hangin With Lavs

Flashback: 1996 King of Dirt Qualifying

I wanted to find a real gem for this week’s flashback since I slacked on finding one last week. I think this video of the 1996 Pomona, California King of Dirt qualifying should do just fine. My god were things sketchy back then! People were fucking going for it though! Highlights include Fuzzy driving the… Continue reading Flashback: 1996 King of Dirt Qualifying

TJ Lavin Firsthand Part 2

Here’s part two of TJ Lavin’s Firsthand I posted the other day. Contest jumps sure were shite back in 2003!

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