S&M – Hella Hoe Down Trip

S&M’s Australian squad consisting of Will Gunn, Tom Boorman, Bevan Cowan, Xave Koen and Jonny Mackellar hit the road for a trip around New South Wales and the A.C.T. There’s a bit of everything in here but it’s definitely pretty heavy on the trails roastage, and worth watching even the non-trails parts. You can also… Continue reading S&M – Hella Hoe Down Trip

Valley View Trails Jam

Any footage from the Valley View Trails is a treat, but this jam edit that James Fox put together is hands down my favorite to come from my buddy Will and his brother Chris’ place! Mother Nature may not have wanted this jam to happen but even she couldn’t win out over the will power… Continue reading Valley View Trails Jam

Stowaway – A Day at the Trails

I was beginning to wonder when the video of Stowaway‘s day at the Kerr’s (both Will and Chris’) trails was going to show up. See Will I learned! Sorry inside joke! Anyway I’ve been anxiously waiting for this ever since seeing the flipbook Stowaway dropped a couple weeks ago. It was WELL worth the wait!… Continue reading Stowaway – A Day at the Trails

Stowaway At the Trails

The Kerr’s trails are on the list of places that I one day hope to visit. I’m really not sure when that will actually happen, but hopefully someday it will! The Stowaway crew recently made a trip out there, and as luck would have it the wind was minimal, food and beers were in abundance,… Continue reading Stowaway At the Trails

Tom Boorman on S&M

Tom Boorman is now repping the S&M shield through Australia’s Stowaway Distribution. Tom not only kills it at the track and the trails, but also runs one hell of a shop that’s appropriately called Hell On Wheels.