Vinyl’s Colorado Road Trip

Colorado, what can I say about it. I’ve been to a lot of places in my 33 years but nowhere that has had the same feel of freedom that Colorado has. Tom and the Vinyl dudes headed out there earlier this year and what a trip it must have been. Incredible parks and ripping trails all set amongst an almost unbelievable backdrop. This edit does an incredible job of capturing all of the awesomeness that is Colorado!

Kink Southern France Trails Trip

This edit from Kink’s Southern France trails trip came out a year or so before CYDI was around. Had we been around at that time, this would have definitely been all over the site! Five minutes of Chris Doyle and Crazy Tom Dillon exploring the trails of Southern France, filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco. This is way too good to be lost to the bowels of the internet!

Can You Dig It X Vinyl Edit

I couldn’t be more excited about this one! Tom and Vinyl have helped out tremendously with getting things dialed in with Can You Dig It. I’m really honored that our first exclusive video is a Vinyl one. These are the leftover clips from Vinyl’s “LP” DVD that is coming out in March. Filmed mostly in Pittsburgh and France and featuring a whole slew of riders, this should give you a pretty good indication of just how awesome the new Vinyl DVD is going to be. Go grab yourself a beer, kick back, hit play, and enjoy!

Interview: Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny

A couple of months ago I started to see something called Jäunt popping up in my feeds. I was immediately drawn in by the clean logo and wanted to find out who or what exactly Jäunt was. To my surprise it was a new clothing brand headed up by none other than Mike Potoczny. For those not familiar with Mike, he's quite the radical dude! He's one of the nicest people you will ever meet and he kills it on a bike. The first time I ever met him was at one of the Welcome Jams a few years back. I was walking around checking out the lines and he came up to introduce himself and thank me for coming out. I'm not sure why that stood out so much to me, but it did and it left a resounding first impression. Over the years I've gotten to know Mike, and he's become one of my favorite people to ride and hang with. He just graduated college and has dove head first into creating this new brand. I was pretty curious about Jäunt so I shot a few questions over to him to find out more and to get some insight into his new venture. On a side note I couldn't remember what his degree was in so I sent him a text. His response, "History Pimping. Pimping all the hot historical chicks. Give me Cleopatra." Mike rules! Check out the interview after the jump. (more...)