Tomáš Kudrnáč – Trails 2016

Tomáš Kudrnáč, who I must say has an excellent taste when it comes to his choice of t-shirts, sure has been getting around lately. Vápenka, the MT Trails, Leipzig, Eastside, and the Wetlands, that’s the rundown of all the spots he rides in this new edit. Hopefully the dude has a good milage rewards program!… Continue reading Tomáš Kudrnáč – Trails 2016

Tomáš Kudrnáč – Back in the Woods

Real stoked to see that Tomáš Kudrnáč is back to riding after dealing with his knee injury for the last eight months! Also stoked that he wasn’t put out of commission again for another eight months from the near collision at the end of this.

Vans Dirt & Roll 2013

I was wondering if an edit from Vans Dirt & Roll was ever going to show up. The contest went down almost a month and a half ago and up until today there hasn’t been anything. Well it’s finally here, and as expected the contest looked awesome once again. It’s crazy the amount of spectators… Continue reading Vans Dirt & Roll 2013

Vans Dirt & Roll Course Preview and Riders List

Here’s another preview of the Vans Dirt & Roll course from Tomáš Kudrnáč. The first time I watched this I was freaking out thinking they had edited out showing the flats between the jumps, when in reality they were just showing multiple takes of Tomáš hitting each jump before moving on to the next one. I’m slow… Continue reading Vans Dirt & Roll Course Preview and Riders List

Benda Brothers

Remember that wild covered Czech dirt jump park I posted about a couple of months ago? Well it opened over the weekend and the Benda brothers got in a private session before it did. Jump ahead to 02:00 if you want to get right to the dirt and skip them putting the mini and box… Continue reading Benda Brothers

L.E.S. Foggy Day In the Woods

I’ve ridden on some pretty overcast days but I’ve never seen fog at the trails before. Dwayne Dibley put this video together of Tomáš Kudrnáč and crew enjoying a foggy session at L.E.S. Spotted on Checktrails