Pezcore 2006

I was going to save this 11 minute long edit of Pezcore footage from 2006 for the flashback post this week, but I’m going to go ahead and throw it up since it’s a slow and rainy day. That place looks like it was so much fun!

Tony F*cking Cardona!

This fucking guy! Man I love me some Tony Cardona! Dude has been killing it forever and is one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet. Footage of him riding these days is few and far between, which is why I’m so excited that this popped up. Spotted on The Union

Still Waters Run Deep

“Press Rewind”, “Flashback Friday”, Throwback Thursday, it seems like everyone is diggin’ in the crates these days. Well what about “Wayback Wednesday”? I don’t think we are going to get into the habit of doing stuff like that, but I did come across this circa 2003 trail mix featuring Scot Draper, Brian Yeagle, Chase Hawk, The Maniac, Brian Foster, Craig Kleckner, Tony… Continue reading Still Waters Run Deep