Tree Bicycles’ New England Roast

Last summer Clint Reynolds, Brian Yeagle, Timmy Theus, and Tree Bicycles owner Sam Schulte meandered their way through the North East hitting all kinds of spots. Of course that included a sampling of what the North East woods had to offer. I actually enjoyed the whole edit but if you want to just see the… Continue reading Tree Bicycles’ New England Roast

Tree X Sun Complete Wheels

Tree has teamed up with Sun Rims to offer complete wheels built up with Tree’s Straight Pull hubs and your choice of rims from Sun. All you have to do is go to Tree’s online store, pick out your hubs, rims, and spokes, and they will build them up for you free of charge.

Tree Brian Yeagle Signature Shirt

Spotted this picture of Tree‘s new Brian Yeagle signature t-shirt over on their Instagram. They just picked them up from the screenprinter, so you should be able to pick one up from your favorite shop or mail order really soon.

A History of Tree Sprockets

When the original 1/2″ thick Tree sprocket came out I thought it was the coolest looking thing but way too burly for my needs. When they slimmed it down I was all over it and have been running one ever since. What’s crazy is that I’ve never had to replace one because it was damaged… Continue reading A History of Tree Sprockets

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