The Hill Trails

Nick Noble sent over these couple of clips from the new spot he and Ty Callais have been building. The place is just getting going but it already looks like it’s a blast. Can’t wait to see what else these guys have planned for out there!

Dig and Destroy Stop 3 – Garcia’s Compound

I’ve been waiting to see some footage from the third stop of the Dig and Destroy Series! The Garcia’s Compound in Arizona played host this time and it was absolutely perfect for it. I bet Ty and the crew were beyond psyched not to have to kill themselves building a course for this one! Hit… Continue reading Dig and Destroy Stop 3 – Garcia’s Compound

Just another day at Bourbon Trails

You’re a better man than me if you can watch this whole thing without skipping around. They definitely could have cut ten minutes of BS out of it and condensed it down to 30 seconds of spot history and two and half minutes of shredding. Also, I thought Bourbon was getting/had been plowed?

Ty Callais for GT Bikes

Ty is one of those dudes that BMX needs more of! Not only does he absolutely kill it on a bike, but he’s out there putting on contest series to try and get more people stoked on trails. I’m psyched on this new edit he just dropped for GT, and even more psyched to see… Continue reading Ty Callais for GT Bikes