Tyler Whitfield

Plain and simple, Tyler Whitfield makes racing look good! His bike control, style, and the little nuances of the way he approaches things on a track are so much fun to watch. I’d be really interested to see him at a set of trails.

Tyler Whitfield Fall Riding Edit

Really pay attention when you watch this one cause if you blink you very well may miss something incredible. As a matter of fact, give it at least a couple of watches! Tyler’s bike control is seriously on another level!

Tyler Whitfield Scrub Session

Remember that photo I posted of Tyler Whitfield doing a scrub this morning? Well here’s the video of it along with a few more thrown in for good measure. This is completely bad ass! I really want to see what it looks like shot with a phantom camera!

Tyler Whitfield Scrub!

Pretty much every time I watch motocross or supercross with someone the topic of if you can do a scrub on a bike gets brought up. I’ve seen some successful and not so successful attempts on mountain bikes but here’s Tyler Whitfield getting it done on a BMX. It’s funny cause I had kind of… Continue reading Tyler Whitfield Scrub!