Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

And here we have the Urkatu section from Compression’s Septembre DVD. Coming across this today is what tipped me off that I had missed the previous section. Anyway, it always tripped me out that they had a full on legitimate resi landing at Urkatu! Don’t think I’m hatin’, I would stunt the hell out of… Continue reading Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

Flashback: Urkatu…

We’re flashing back to the beginning of this decade and to the legendary French trails that are Urkatu. It’s crazy how far the quality of footage has come in just five years or so!

La Corrèze Bmx – Corrosion Tour

Keeping the French trails theme going, here’s an edit from the Corrosion Tour that has a decent bit of Urkatu footage. You’ll have to sit through a decent bit of bowl footy though cause it’s all mixed together.

On the Road

Here’s another one from our friends over at GetaBMX. They took a trails road trip from Barcelona through France and came back with enough footage for a 17 minute EP length video! There are so many rad spots in here, including Urkatu, Abbaretz, that wild dirt bowl from THIS edit, and a few that I… Continue reading On the Road