Vans – Illustrated Utah Section

Here’s the section from the Vans Illustrated video that I’ve been waiting for to be online; Hucker, Nasty, TJ Ellis and Pat Casey taking it old school and throwing down on one single big jump! Seeing as Fuzzy set the whole thing up, it’s only fitting that he got to sneak one of his signature… Continue reading Vans – Illustrated Utah Section

Tim “Fuzzy” Hall – Vans Illustrated Bonus Section

These bonus sections are my favorite parts of the Vans Illustrated video. Last week they dropped one featuring Nasty Dawg, and this week we get Fuzzy’s. Fuzzy has some of the deepest BMX roots and this little piece gives you some insight into their beginnings.

Dawid Godziek In Barcelona

This could also be called Dawid Godziek at La Poma. I was hoping there’d be some other spots in here but it wasn’t meant to be. What it lacks in variety of spots, it more than makes up for with how good the footage looks. Dawid’s riding isn’t too shabby either!

Vans Germany – Daniel Juchatz

Somehow this is the first time I’ve seen or heard of Daniel Juchatz. Homeboy’s trails game is definitely on point, as can be witnessed in this edit for Vans Germany.

Dawid Godziek – Welcome to Vans Poland

Vans are now gracing the feet of Poland’s Dawid Godziek. I figured this edit was going to be pretty heavy on the trickery, and while there is a good bit of stuntin’ in it, there’s also plenty of steez to balance it out.

Vans Trails Mission 2013

Ok, so now that crash video that I posted last week  from the Vans Trails Mission makes a little more sense. When I posted it I was asking myself what in the world is the Vans Trails Mission and why haven’t I heard anything about it. Turns out that it was a pretty big road… Continue reading Vans Trails Mission 2013