Velosolutions NYC Pump Track Grand Opening

These pump tracks that Velosolutions have been building look like so much fun! Sure, I’d much rather be in the woods riding trails, but I’d be pretty damn stoked to be able to hit up something like this while I was cruising downtown!

Velosolutions Pump Track Thailand

Velosolutions is at it again with a crazy pump track, this time in Aranyaprathet, Thailand. This thing looks like a blast to rip around and the locals definitely appear to be pretty stoked on it. How rad would it be if cities all over the world started putting in pump tracks like this?

Velosolutions Indoor Bike Park

Looks like the same company responsible for creating that ridiculous Zürich Bike Park have taken their efforts indoors. Velosolutions built this beauty in Pfäffikon, Switzerland and they recently held their grand opening party. I know it’s concrete and more of a pumptrack than actual trails, but you know god damn well you wouldn’t pass up… Continue reading Velosolutions Indoor Bike Park