Verde – Vagabonds In New Zealand

I was actually expecting the video from Lima, Inch and Matt Priest’s New Zealand trip to be a Villa Road edit, but it turns out that it’s for Verde. This epic 15 minute piece follows their whole adventure but if you’re short on time or have a short attention span, 02:12 is where you’ll find… Continue reading Verde – Vagabonds In New Zealand

Sneak Peek: Trans Root Beer Verde Oxbridge LTD

Verde posted this little sneak peek of the new trans root beer color that the Oxbridge LTD frame will be coming. No word on just when these will be available, but I hope it’s soon because I can’t wait to see one built up!

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2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

We as trail riders have a slight tendency to ride frames and parts a lot longer than we really should. It’s nothing for someone to show up in the woods still rocking a frame with an American bottom bracket and press fit headset, (Shawn Shoener, I’m looking in your direction). The thing about it is… Continue reading 2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

Mike Szczesny Verde Edit

You know what I didn’t expect to end the week with? A brand new edit from┬áMike Szczesny! I knew Mike was living out in Salt Lake and still shredding, but hell it doesn’t look like he’s slowed down one bit since the Square One days. Via Verde