Matt Priest – The Dog Days

First off, it’s so good to see that Matt Priest is back to shredding as hard as ever after being off the bike so long with a severely broken ankle! This video that Andrew Thomson put together for DIG and Villa Road shows his journey from being told that he may never ride again, to getting back out to Woodyard and riding like nothing ever happened.

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Villa Road X Nightwolf Shirts

Villa Road has some newness that you’re definitely going to want to add to your wardrobe. Their new Villa Road X Nightwolf shirt features a front and back soft ink print on a 100% organic cotton vintage washed t-shirt. You have your choice of either a black shirt with a white print or the reverse, a white shirt with a black print. Whichever one you choose also comes with a Villa Road x Nightwolf collab sticker to boot. Check out more pics of the shirt after the jump, and then hit up the Villa Road store to grab yours.

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Product: Villa Road Villacase iPhone 6/6s Case

Villa Road has been teasing us for months now with pics on their social media channels of the iPhone case/stand they’ve been working on! It’s finally available and they put together this little video to show it off. The case will fit an iPhone 6 or 6s and works with the included 6mm allen key to create a stand for setting up your phone to get those perfect still filming angles. Want to shoot something more dynamic? They also have a filming handle that slides onto the 6mm so you can take the whole setup mobile and get some moving…

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Villa Road – A Day in Malaga!

For those of us who haven’t been to Malaga, Villa Road brings us this look into what you might except from a typical day. They get things started with a little milling about the apartment before heading off to the park and then eventually the El Cable Trails. 10:21 is where you’ll find that last and most important one!

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The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2015

I had no idea how much you guys liked this top 10 trails web edits thing until emails started pouring in over the last couple weeks asking if I was going to be doing it this year! Truth be told, I’ve been nibbling away at it since the beginning of the month but all the traveling that I’ve also been doing slowed things down a bit. It’s always a pretty tough job putting this list together, but this year was the toughest yet. After going back through 2015’s videos I ended up with a “short list” of a few dozen…

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