Foxy Clips

I’m absolutely loving all the good edits that have been coming out recently! I’m also loving how so many of them have had a good mix of spots in them. I don’t know the names of all of them in here but I did recognize Vinewood. There’s no way that I can’t not mention something… Continue reading Foxy Clips

Flashback: DUO – UK Team Trails Trip

Here’s a good one from back in 2012! DUO sent then UK team members Lima Eltham, Martyn Tambling, Matt Priest, Boyd William and Kriss Kyle around the UK on a little trails adventure. Ryan Hallett tagged along to capture the whole thing, and the above edit is the result. I had actually all but forgotten… Continue reading Flashback: DUO – UK Team Trails Trip

Vinewood and Some White Shit

Try as I might, I really can’t beat Digger’s description for this Vinewood and PSA video he put together from old clips just for Boyd. “Some old footage to cheer up Mr Boyd . Poor bugger is in Canada and has no one to ride with. HA! What a loser”

Deluxe X Crucial – Remembering Vinewood

It’s been a couple of years since Deluxe and Crucial’s Alex Boyd packed up and made the move to Canada. I always figured that it must have been pretty tough for him to walk away from Vinewood and move halfway across the world. Real life doesn’t wait though, so that’s just what he did. During… Continue reading Deluxe X Crucial – Remembering Vinewood

The Pumpy Collection

This one has me very intrigued. Apparently these are leftover clips that didn’t make it into a film that’s being made about trail riding in the South West of England. Definitely looking forward to seeing that if these are the throwaways!

Daddy Day Care

Will Wiggins brought his lady and daughter out to the trails for a day of fun in the woods. Now he just needs to get them some shovels!

Will Wiggins – Rad Dad

Will Wiggins sent this video through of him getting some riding in between his work and parenting duties. Jump ahead to 02:20 and you’ll see the first footage of Vinewood that we’ve seen in ages.

A Solo Sunday

Will Wiggins sent this video of himself putting in some solo winter work. I’m going to stop complaining about cleaning up leaves after seeing the amount that he has to deal with. Someone seriously needs to bring him a saw before he blows his back out!

30 Seconds: Alex Boyd

Vinewood is indeed running, and Boyd was able put down his scooter long enough to film this “30 Seconds” for Ride UK. Could he be giving up on scootering already and possibly planning a full time return to BMX? Only time will tell!