Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” DVD | Friends

This section of the DVD has a unique mix of riders ripping trails and concrete. Featuring: Denis Mowgly, Mark Mulville, Brandan “Punjab” Pundai, Chris Doyle, Ryan Melia, Isaac Hoefling, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Kevin Porter, and Chase Zink. Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Page.

Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” | Intro & Vince Primel

The Vinyl “LP” DVD is going to be parted out week by week, first up we have the Intro and Vince Primel’s part. A few trips to Europe, and one to America we were able to gather enough footage in one year for Vince to have a section. The “LP” DVD will have a designated… Continue reading Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” | Intro & Vince Primel