The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2013

Well another year is drawing to a close and it just so happens to be the first full year that CYDI has been in existence. The other day I got to thinking that it would be cool to put together a list of "my" top 10 trails web edits of 2013. I had a few immediately in mind and figured I'd just take a look back through the archives to find the rest. Big mistake, because I ended up jotting down like 30 different videos. It took a bit but I finally settled on what I think is the cream of the trails web edit crop of 2013. Like I said, these are my picks and I'm sure not everyone will agree with them. Feel free to discuss or chime in with your own! Hit the jump button to check out mine! This is STICKIED until next year, so check below for new post! (more...)

Vinyl’s Colorado Road Trip

Colorado, what can I say about it. I’ve been to a lot of places in my 33 years but nowhere that has had the same feel of freedom that Colorado has. Tom and the Vinyl dudes headed out there earlier this year and what a trip it must have been. Incredible parks and ripping trails all set amongst an almost unbelievable backdrop. This edit does an incredible job of capturing all of the awesomeness that is Colorado!

Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” DVD | Tom Arkus

I was really hoping Tom would write his own description for his Vinyl “LP” part. Personally I thought it would be hilarious if he did it in the third person, but since he didn’t like that idea the job falls on me. Tom is tall, but unlike Barspinner Ryan he doesn’t look completely goofy riding a little kid’s bike. As a matter of fact he actually looks pretty good riding one, that is if you can look past the fact that his bars are in a position that young children in Chicago dream of. Seriously though, Tom’s part is one of my favorites in the video. The French trails he rides in it are absolutely amazing, and his local spot back here in the states isn’t too bad either.

Check out the other sections from Vinyl’s “LP” DVD on the Designated Page Tom set up!

Shirts on Sale!

We have some big things planned for the store that will be starting to take shape in just a few weeks. In preparation we're clearing out some odds and ends including the random sizes of shirts we have left. If they happen to be your size then today is your lucky day! For the most part there are only one or two of each size and design, so if you want it this could be your last chance! The Back Bone shirt and that colorway for Vinyl's "Dig Crest" design won't be printed again! We may switch things up on the CYDI "Brush" shirts as well! Head over to the CYDI Store and check out what's left.