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Chrome and Metallic Red Wethepeople Patrol Frames

It looks like Wethepeople has decided to brighten up their Patrol frames with two new colors, chrome and metallic red. Specs and everything else remain the same as before. I will warn you that if you do decide to get one, please make sure you remember to also order yourself up some brake mounts with it as well; you know, since WTP does NOT include the brake hardware with it. Sorry to always be going all Silky Johnson on this thing! I really do want to like it, especially after seeing Willem Van Gansen’s Patrol setup in person, but stupid…

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Wethepeople – 2017 Volta Complete Bike Promo

Wethepeople drew inspiration from their Patrol line to create the 2017 Volta complete bike. With its 21.15″ top tube, slack geometry and parts spec that includes Merritt’s Brian Foster signature FT1 tires, the Volta is ready to hit the trails right out of the box. They threw Paul Thoelen on one for this promo to prove that fact. After you get done watching you can get the full geometry and parts rundown of the Volta over on WTP’s site.

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Wethepeople Patrol Range Promo

Last week I posted up my thoughts on Wethepeople’s new trails inspired Patrol range. They somewhat answered back today with this promo staring Willem Van Gansen doing his thing at Ermite. Does it change my opinion about them coming out with a trails range? Not necessarily. It is a step in the right direction that they at least appear to be hooking up someone who rides trails (though he isn’t listed on their team page). On the other hand, of course they were going to come out with some kind of promo to move this stuff. I guess we’ll just…

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Wethepeople’s Patrol Line

What makes a frame a “trails frame”? That’s the question I found myself asking a few weeks back while I was jotting down frames to include in an upcoming trails frame buyers guide. There are a handful of frames that instantly come to mind that I don’t think anyone would disagree on calling trails frames. Deluxe’s PA Model, S&M’s Credence frames, United’s T.R.U, Mutiny’s Villij, FBM’s Steadfast, etc… But what per se is it exactly that makes them trails frames? Geometry was the first thing that popped into my head, but as I really thought about it I came to…

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