A.B. Berm Art

I love seeing what the A.B. guys are up to. The dudes are like Michelangelo with a shovel. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see this stuff in person. Until then I’ll just have to settle with stalking the woods-bmx site.

Sturmbahn x Woods-bmx edit

Straight from the woods of Germany we have this edit courtesy of the Sturmbahn and woods-bmx dudes. I totally got tricked by that song! I thought I was going to be starting my day off with some Madonna.

DS / Woods BMX Stem

The Woods crew over in Germany are working on some collaborative products with Dirty Steel, and the first one being tested is this top load stem. It will be a while before these will be out as the are still in the prototype phase, but I’m looking forward to seeing the final product along with… Continue reading DS / Woods BMX Stem


Title says it all on this on! Spotted on woods-bmx

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Digging Time Lapse

These guys are rocking those weird duck-billed platypus looking shovels as well. I’d give one a try if it would help me get my landings looking like that! Spotted on woods-bmx.

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