Trails Tales – Evening Sessions at Woodward West

Every night at 7:30pm Danimal opens up the Woodward West trails and lets the campers, staff and visiting pros have at ’em till dark. It’s pretty cool that anyone from the smallest grom to the craziest pro can get in on and catch the vibes of this highly anticipated daily evening session!

Woodward West – Danimal’s Digging College

Once again, Woodward West is doing things right with their dirt program. On top of having a killer set of trails, they also have Danimal out there teaching the campers what goes into building and keeping those trails going, and how to build trails of their own.

Brandon Semenuk – Red Bull Raw 100

Man, there are so many good things going on here! First, the resurrection of the old X Games downhill track at Woodward West. Seeing that thing not only dialed back into ridable condition, but with the addition of a few improvements makes me long for that era of racing to come back. Imagine watching eight… Continue reading Brandon Semenuk – Red Bull Raw 100

Sebastian Smith – Metamorphosis

I bookmarked Sebastian Smith’s “Metamorphosis” edit a few months ago but it somehow slipped through the cracks of being posted. Don’t let the beginning of the edit fool you, Sebastian gets to shredding those pretty unique trails with the motorhome on & off mid-line!