WoodWardle POV 2016

Though the video quality isn’t the best, this POV still gives you a really good look at what Martin, Matt and Chris have going on in the woods they call WoodWardle. Good luck finding your way through those lines without a local showing you the way first!

WoodWardle 2015

The WoodWardle Trails sure have developed into quite the rippin’ spot over the past few years! I’m actually surprised that you don’t see more people riding there. It’s definitely on the list of places that I’d like to check out if I ever made it over to the UK.

Woodwardle POV 2015

We don’t see enough of the Woodwardle Trails! Martin and the boys have a good thing going on out there and the place looks better every time a bit of footage pops up.

Woodwardle Trails

I first saw the Woodwardle Trails back in December, and the edit left me wanting to see them in better quality. Well hallelujah, my prayers were answered!

WoodWardle POV

Here’s a POV tour of the WoodWardle trails courtesy of the man himself, Martin Wardle. This place looks like a ton of fun!