Villa Road – Same Bloody Place

Villa Road’s highly anticipated 2017 wrap-up video is here, and man it’s a doozy! On top of the expected clips from Woodyard, there’s also footage from Leatherhead and the crew’s trip to New Zealand. For a most radical viewing experience, grab yourself a beer, settle in on the couch and watch this on your TV… Continue reading Villa Road – Same Bloody Place

Jack Griffin 2017

2017 hasn’t been too kind to Jack Griffin as far as injuries go, and now he’s going to be down for another 6-9 months recovering from ACL surgery. He may have only been able to ride for four months out of this year, but from the looks of this edit he make those four months… Continue reading Jack Griffin 2017

Panos Manaras – Welcome To Demolition

While I’ve definitely throttled back on posting videos that aren’t 100% trails, I felt Panos Manaras’ “Welcome to Demolition” edit had enough good trails footage in it to make the cut. At 02:04 you’ll find a spot with a pretty interesting roll-in, and then at 03:02 and 05:12 you’ll find some footage from Woodyard.

The Woodyard Jam

The boys at Woodyard are inviting everybody to come surf the chalk with them on August 27th. If I were you I’d immediately head to the travel site of your choosing and start looking for tickets! Shoot Villa Road a DM on their Instagram for more info.

Re-Up: A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

We’re headed off to Jersey to check out the supercross race so I’m leaving you with Elliot Woodhouse’s 30 minute UK trails masterpiece for the day. Give it another watch and then go build something rad this weekend!

A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

Do yourself a favor and round up some friends, grab some beers and then figure out a way to watch this on your tv, because this 30 minute UK trails edit from Elliot Woodhouse deserves to be watched on the big screen and in good company! This is seriously like a who’s who and where’s… Continue reading A Little Dirt Never Hurt!


Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and got a lot done on yesterday’s “day of service.” My contribution to society was digging out a filthy clay pit and moving its contents to a much nicer location. Now that we’re back to the regular grind, I’m psyched to get the site rolling this week with some… Continue reading UKTRAILSTRIP2K16