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2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

We as trail riders have a slight tendency to ride frames and parts a lot longer than we really should. It’s nothing for someone to show up in the woods still rocking a frame with an American bottom bracket and press fit headset, (Shawn Shoener, I’m looking in your direction). The thing about it is that both frames and parts really should be replaced every a few years. No one wants to find themselves in a twisted ball of metal and flesh because something catastrophically failed due to fatigue. Take a second to think about the forces and stress that…

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bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Wethepeople’s Patrol Line

What makes a frame a “trails frame”? That’s the question I found myself asking a few weeks back while I was jotting down frames to include in an upcoming trails frame buyers guide. There are a handful of frames that instantly come to mind that I don’t think anyone would disagree on calling trails frames. Deluxe’s PA Model, S&M’s Credence frames, United’s T.R.U, Mutiny’s Villij, FBM’s Steadfast, etc… But what per se is it exactly that makes them trails frames? Geometry was the first thing that popped into my head, but as I really thought about it I came to…

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