Velosolutions Indoor Bike Park

Looks like the same company responsible for creating that ridiculous Zürich Bike Park have taken their efforts indoors. Velosolutions built this beauty in Pfäffikon, Switzerland and they recently held their grand opening party. I know it’s concrete and more of a pumptrack than actual trails, but you know god damn well you wouldn’t pass up… Continue reading Velosolutions Indoor Bike Park

The Future of Brush Park

Spotted this rendering over on the Brush Park BMX Facebook page. I’m not sure if this is just wishful thinking or something that will actually happen. Let’s hope it’s the latter because this would be fucking awesome. It’s like a mini version of the Zurich Bike Park!

Zurich Bike Park

Other than the Gorge Road Trails in New Zealand, this is the craziest public dirt spot that I’ve ever seen. Looks like I’m going to have to put a trip to Switzerland’s Zurich Bike Park on the ol bucket list. I have to take a second to give a shot out to the dicksmack at… Continue reading Zurich Bike Park