Texas Trails Apocalypse

My heart goes out to all the trail builders down in Texas that have been dealing with crazy rains and flooding. The pictures that have been popping up on social media are hard to even look at. The ones above are from Graveyard and 9th Street, but I can tell you that Eastside and Tejano aren’t looking much better. I imagine that Red Box, Hush, and Ant Hills also look about the same. As bad as things are, I know the crews down there will get things sorted out and have the trails running better than ever. That’s the thing about trail builders, for the most part we are able to take the bad things that Mother Nature dishes out and turn them into positives. Sure it may entail more work than even we knew we could possibly do, but we get it done. Best of luck to everyone down there. If you happen to be in Texas sometime in the next few weeks, get in touch with someone at the trails down there and lend a hand. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

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