Thank You Mutiny!

As you’ve probably already heard, Mutiny is closing its doors after 22 years. I still vividly remember when they first came on the scene. There were a ton of rider owned brands popping up at the time, but Mutiny had a completely different vibe than the rest.

The brand’s torch was eventually passed from Steve Inge to Joe Simon and Gaz Sanders, and they did an amazing job keeping that different vibe alive. They also did an incredible job supporting the trails scene. From sponsoring jams, to supporting trail riders like Robbo, to producing amazing trails edits like the one above, and even just making sure they always had a trails frame as part of their product line up; Mutiny bikes wasn’t just an ally of the trails scene, they were an integral part of it.

I personally want to thank Mutiny for everything that they’ve done, and wish Gaz the best of luck on whatever the next chapter holds for him. The trails scene, and BMX as a whole won’t be the same without Mutiny in them.

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