The D-Key

Everybody has heard that old saying that “some of the best ideas are the simplest ones.” The D-Key certainly is a perfect example of this and a product that makes you wonder how nobody has thought of this before. Somehow I’ve accumulated ┬áhave a toolbox full of stubby 6mm allen wrenches that I would never consider using. Am I really going to trust that I’ll be able to tighten my bars down with one of those things and not have them Chicago out the first time I come up short or over clear something. Hell f*cking no! That’s why they lay buried in the bottom of the box rusting away. The D-Key on the other hand is something I could get down with. By simply giving the end a flat key shape it allows you to crank things down with double the force of a normal stubby allen. Over the years we’ve seen more an more parts adopt a standardized 6mm allen sizing. That means that you could throw one of these on your keyring and have a tool on you that would fix a lot of the problems you could run into on your bike. I’m into it and will definitely be giving one of these a go when they are available. You can check out some pictures of the D-Key after the jump, and after you do that you should head over to the D-Key site to pre order one.

D-key_Allen_key_-02 D-key_Allen_key_-06 D-key_Allen_key_-01 D-key_Allen_key_-05