The Dig Monster!

bmx trails dirt jumping

In case you didn’t already see it on social media, we have a few new shirts coming out soon! We’re calling that one up above the “Dig Monster.” It was inspired by one of my favorite metal tees of all time, Van Halen’s “Monster” shirt, and was brought to life by Nick Sawyers. I really didn’t think that he’d be able to top that old ‘Dig or Die” design that he came up with for us a couple years back, but he definitely did with this one!

There are two versions of the Dig Monster shirt available to pre-order. First the regular one with just the Dig Monster front print, and then a limited edition version that also has “TRAILS KICK ASS!” printed on the back. Just an extra little nod to the original Van Halen shirt that inspired the design! The limited edition version is ONLY available by pre-ordering. We’ll be taking pre-orders for it through 1/20. You’re out of luck after that! Well, not completely. You’ll still be able to get the regular Dig Monster shirt, and we’re doing a small batch of shirts with TRAILS KICK ASS! printed on the front.

All three shirts are available to pre-order right now. We’ll be sending the order off to the printer next Friday and should have the shirts in our hands and shipping out around February 1st. If you’re after one, do us a favor and pre-order it! It really helps us out with ordering the correct number of sizes. And don’t forget, pre-ordering is the only way to get the limited edition version of Dig Monster shirt! Hit the store link below to do it!


bmx trails dirt jumping