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Have the days of Trail Nazi’s come and gone? Alex Boyd wrote an interesting piece that you should check out over on DIGMORE. Have a read and feel free to weigh in with a comment. For me personally those days are over. Why waste the energy being angry all the time over people not wanting to dig? Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely call someone out if they were showing up to ride all the time and weren’t contributing.┬áThat’s not even the problem around my way. People simply just don’t even come out. It used to piss me off that they would rather go ride the same flat ledges downtown (that they have ridden hundreds of times) than come out to the trails. At some point I had a realization. Who am I to say what people should ride? I build and ride trails because that’s what I love to do. Just because that floats my boat doesn’t mean that it’s everyones cup of tea. If they like riding foot tall ledges then more power to them. Have fun with it and be happy, but I’ll be in the woods doing my thing.