The Prayer

So here’s a flashback to 2008 that I had never seen before. I’ve actually never even seen this spot or heard of Bob Edson! Will Lueth put me onto this one and here’s what he had to say about it.

“Local trails been around for years. This guy has been digging there for 17 years and finally might be giving up on this amazing spot. The video is from a while ago but last time he counted he had 168 obstacles not counting transfer lips.”

When I asked him why the dude may be giving up on the spot, he said that it was a combination of a nature walk/park being put in right next to the trails and kids that it brought destroying shit. That combined with really sandy dirt that has a tendency to wash away has left the dude at his wits end. Hopefully he’ll be able to get something worked out with those little bastards so they’ll stop wrecking the place!