The Things People Ride

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That bad boy above is Bob Haro’s newest project the Ikonix SX1. I don’t know much about it or really care, but it did get me thinking about some of the wild shit I’ve seen people show up at trails with. Thanks to BMXmuseum I was able to find examples of all of them! Follow with me on this journey of things that have made me wonder what the hell people were thinking when they decided to ride these beast.

Ah, the Ace Holeshot. I had two friends who were sponsored by Ace and rode these for a few years. I mean what can I even say about this thing? It looks like an erector set project gone horrible awry. It was a race frame and aluminum, yet it weighed more than the Trailboss I was riding at the time. I’m thankful they rode those things cause it provided so much fuel for shit talking. The holes also gave us a fun place to put  things like rocks and trash. We even staked one into the ground at one point.

Seat tube, who needs it? My man Mark raced his way up to the Single A Pro class and decided that the Specialized Fatboy Hemi is what he needed to be competitive. I’ll give it to him that he was crazy fast on this thing, but it sure looked out of place when we would go ride trails after the races. I wish I could find the picture of him doing the most extended tuck no hander you’ve ever seen aboard this contraption!

Disregard the bike and take a look at those Hanebrink forks. Remember my buddy Mark I was just talking about? He also had these monstrosities on the front of his Fatboy. I still make fun of him to this day!

This one brings back some memories! Brad Simms, the globe trotting street destroyer used to rock a GT Pro Series Mini back in the day. His was aluminum though. Nothing weird there considering he was like 3 foot 9 and into racing. What’s funny is that I would drag him pretty much everywhere that I went. The looks people gave him when he would show up to places like Posh and Nam with an aluminum mini were priceless. He killed it though and even jumped the 250s with that bike.

The Jad Sherman is one that I am ecstatic to say that I actually laid eyes upon. The 90s were chock-full of some kooky frames, but I think this took the cake. This was weird even back then when people’s perception of weird was off. It may have actually been the genesis for the acronyms wtf, lol, smh, lmfao. To this day I can still vividly remember walking into Drexelbrook and seeing a kid sitting at the start on this thing. To make it better one of his aluminum front axle nuts had somehow fallen off but he was still riding with just the one! SMH