The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2013

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Well another year is drawing to a close and it just so happens to be the first full year that CYDI has been in existence. The other day I got to thinking that it would be cool to put together a list of “my” top 10 trails web edits of 2013. I had a few immediately in mind and figured I’d just take a look back through the archives to find the rest. Big mistake, because I ended up jotting down like 30 different videos. It took a bit but I finally settled on what I think is the cream of the trails web edit crop of 2013. Like I said, these are my picks and I’m sure not everyone will agree with them. Feel free to discuss or chime in with your own! Hit the jump button to check out mine! This is STICKIED until next year, so check below for new post!

10. Brian Foster Bike Check

Bike checks are generally boring bits of information dribble that no one cares about. Most of us trail riders are grown ass men who know that setting up your bike like your favorite pro’s isn’t going to make you ride like them. BF’s bike check was interesting though. His lack of care/knowledge of what parts he’s running made for quite a few funny moments. Mix that with some classic BF riding and what you got was a bike check that was not only enjoyable to watch but one that I hope set the standard for any other bike checks to come. Props to Stew on this one!

9. Stowaway – A Day at the Trails

I like this one for a couple reasons. The first one being that it really exudes the vibe of what trails are to me. Getting together with your friends, having some brews and bbq, running some trains (get your mind out of the gutter), and just having a good time in nature. The second reason I like this is because I had the chance to meet Will Kerr just before this was filmed. Super rad dude, and I have mad respect that within a few days of him getting back from his trip to the US he had his trails whipped back into the shape they are in in this edit.

8. Fids ATFids Promo

It’s the fucking Fids! No other reasons needed!

7. Circuit Trails Rule Trip 2013

This edit was like a time machine to me. It reminded me of a 90’s era trails video and that in no way is a bad thing. Every time I watch it I can’t help but be reminded of the Scum videos and the feelings those gave me when I was just a pup.

6. CYDI X Vinyl

I kind of feel like a tool putting one of our videos on the list but I can’t leave this one out. Tom did an amazing job with it, and I still make it a point to re-watch it at least once a month. I did recently discover that the Midlake song we used for it had previously been in a Mutiny edit. Oops, sorry Gaz!

5. Credence Promo

It’s fair to say that not since the original Trailboss frame came out back in the late 90s has there been so much anticipation for a trails frame. People were already chomping at the bit to get one of the new S&M made Credence frames, but when this promo dropped they were practically begging S&M to take their money.

4. The Black Magic Sessions Part 1

An all Posh edit made by the man, the myth, the legend, the trails shaman that is Jay Bone. An edit made by the main man behind the trails just feels right! This was his first go at filming/editing and even though it may have been a little rough around the edges, it was still 100% fucking awesome! I just hope Jay makes more of these in the future!

3. TRAILIFE (dirt waves all day 2013 teaser)

The first time I watched this I was left feeling legitimately pissed off! Not at the edit, at the fact that it was winter and I had just watched something that made me want to drop everything and go roast some dubs. Unfortunately for me and everyone else living under the tyrannical grasp of winter, that wasn’t going to be happening for months.

2. Back Bone BMX- 2011 Trailmix

If you choose a song like Dyers Eve for the soundtrack of your edit then that mother fucker better be on point! This one from Back Bone definitely was! I just can’t believe they sat on all that footage for two years before doing something with it. This one gets bonus points for having a cameo appearance from none other than Sals himself!

1. Jared Carter’s Fit Edit

UnbeFUCKINGlievable! I think a lot of people had been waiting to see real footage of Jared’s mythical trails, and here it finally was. The trails were even more incredible than what I had built them up to be in my mind from the few grainy photos and five second clips that I had seen. They were fucking big, they were fucking scary, and Jared rode them with a power that I can only describe as Taj-esque. I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t agree that this was hands down the number one trails web edit this year!

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